Stress Reduction Therapy

Individually tailored for you!

Melanie’s goal is to prepare and present a protocol designed to balance each individual, not simply suppress symptoms, and allow each organ system to function in a balanced way. 

Like BioMeridian Stress Assessment (MSA) the BioScan Stress Reduction Therapy (SRT) measures the energetic system of the client’s body by using low level energy on various acupuncture points. Using these points, it is possible to measure conductivity, flow and energetic impedance. This databases contains over 80,000 stressors including physical, chemical, emotional and more. This provides a removes the guesswork when building a protocol and applying balancing energies. Over time the body can be conditioned to react normally or neutrally to previous stressors during real world exposure.

The BioMeridan and BioScan are FDA-approved Class II Medical Devices that use electro-accupuncture technology providing safe, non-invasive, pain free, reliable results.

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It's my mission to use my knowledge and experience to help you improve your health and achieve your goals!