About Melanie Thomas

Melanie Thomas CNP RNCP ROHP CIP

Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner
& Certified Iridologist

My Approach

I have always been a nurturer; whether it was raising two daughters, or during my 22 years as a child care provider. Fostering an emotionally supportive, intellectually stimulating and nutritionally nourishing environment has consistently been at the centre of my life for as long as I can remember.

After seeking help from my doctor for what he deemed “normal, age-related symptoms”, I felt unsatisfied with that explanation and began questioning conventional paradigms. I soon sought the advice of an alternative health practitioner. Armed with new insights into pathogenic interference, previously unrecognized food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies I was able to begin taking control of my own health. In a short time, I saw tangible improvements in those “age-related” symptoms. My health and attitude were more vibrant than ever!

I spent years reading and learning all I could, until coming to what now seems an obvious conclusion: to take this passion and knowledge to the next level I would need to return to school.

Melanie Thomas

My Story

I did just that, graduating from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition with First Class Honours. I began my career with Basic Bulk and Natural Foods where I used my training to help folks identify their own previously unidentified food sensitivities, pathogenic interference and nutrient deficiencies. I moved with them as they re-branded to become Healthoholics Wellness Centre, while growing my practice to include additional laboratory testing when needed.

I currently have the good fortune to be practicing at Verdure Wellness Clinic in Uptown Waterloo, Recharge & Play in North Waterloo and D’Vine Living in Brantford. I will continue to work, not only one on one with clients, but to offer workplace wellness opportunities, lunch and learns and community seminars.

I am always researching and continuing my education to better serve my clients. Over the years, in addition to having completed training in Energy Medicine, Iridology and Electro-dermal Screening, and completing many continuing education hours in Clinical Detoxification, Nutrition and Mental Health, Supplementation in Clinical Practice, Understanding Lab Diagnostics, Hormones and Endocrinology, I have also honed my skill at interpreting symptoms as a part of the holistic picture. I am well equipped to use a variety of tools and knowledge to guide my clients along the path to optimal health!

Take The Next Step Toward Optimal Wellness

Committing to improving (or maintaining!) your health is a meaningful goal that requires support.

It's my mission to use my knowledge and experience to help you improve your health and achieve your goals!