I use 3,000 year old methodology which is practiced all over the world. It is based on energetic models which takes into consideration the body as a whole, rather than bits and pieces of a puzzle.

Your Eyes Are A Window Into Your Soul

Each person’s eyes are as distinct as their fingerprints. The individual markings and colour variations can provide a deep understanding of where the body may benefit from support. Changes in the eye often show up long before this imbalance or weakness manifests in physical symptoms. 

During an Iridology assessment Melanie will take a photo of each Iris with a camera, (if possible do not wear contact lenses to this appointment). Melanie may use a flashlight and magnifier in conjunction with the camera.

Melanie is trained in physical and emotional iris analysis and will use both these techniques to:

  • assess constitution, which indicates your genetic heritage of inherent strengths and weaknesses, both physical and mental including the ability to resist illness and disease, how quickly you heal, and the level of pain tolerance
  • discuss your personality profile and gifts based on a variety of markings found in the iris
  • examine markings, discolourations, textures and other iris manifestations corresponding with the health of major organs and tissues
  • explore possible emotions or fears based on iris markings to help facilitate healing and growth

Physical and emotional health challenges, balancing lifestyle activities, supplementation, exercise, and food choices will be discussed.


Take The Next Step Toward Optimal Wellness

Committing to improving (or maintaining!) your health is a meaningful goal that requires support.

It's my mission to use my knowledge and experience to help you improve your health and achieve your goals!